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Amish With A Twist Backing

I cannot tell you how exciting it was to see my drawings in color on fabric and my name on a selvedge--especially since "fabric designer" was not something I had planned to add to my list of occupations.

What began as a suggestion to Marcus Fabrics--that we should print a wide fabric for customers to use as a backing for the Amish With A Twist BOM quilts--turned in to the 60"-wide fabric you see here.

Amish with a Twist backing

Why 60"?  Because the second Amish BOM, Amish With A Twist II: The Classics, is a 105" square, a 110"--wide backing fabric was not feasible.  I did not want longarm quilters cursing me for designing a backing that was just quite wide enough.  So, the 60" wide fabric seemed the perfect solution!

In addition to the navy background, we have one with a red background and one with cream.

marcus fabrics       marcus fabrices

And it just dawned on me that a while back I did a reversible tablecloth and napkins pattern for Marcus.  These wide fabrics, combined with some coordinating solids or prints, would make for fun and colorful table settings.  I can see my Fiestaware on the navy tablecloth!

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