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BLOCK SEVEN and EIGHT- Mix It Up Quilt Along

This week I am posting two blocks because I have no idea what happened to last week's Block Seven post. Maybe I hit a wrong button, or didn't hit a right button. Who knows? So this week I am doubling up.

Block Seven and Eight are both "designer choice" blocks. What that means is that each designer who participated in the Mix It Up Quilt Along, got to design his/her own 12" blocks.

Here are mine.

Block 7 Open Box

Block Seven is called OPEN BOX because it looks like--well--an open box if you are looking at it from above. You are making two.

This is an easy block to construct. One thing I did pay attention to is the direction of the text print. Notice how the triangle corners have the text all oriented in the same direction?

In my first version of this block, I just cut the ivory text print without thinking. Once the block was sewn together, the text was facing all different directions. It just seemed jumble to me, so I did some un-sewing and recutting and re-sewing. I like it much better this way. The Block Assembly Diagram on page N12 of the Mix It Up pattern shows the block with the text facing different directions. You can be the judge of how you want your block to look.


Block 8 Axiom

Block Eight is called AXIOM and you'll need to make three. You may notice that this block looks a lot like Block Five. When designing a quilt, I feel it's important to repeat patterns and colors so that your quilt has a sense of cohesiveness. If you look at the photo of my quilt, you can see how Block Eight and Block Five stairstep from the upper left to lower right. At first glance you might not even notice that these are different blocks because their color plan is similar.

DesignerDuo 2 1 copy

We are getting quite close to the end--only two more sets of blocks to go!

Don't forget to check in with everyone else:

Happy sewing and PLEASE be sure to stop in and see everyone else's blocks. And share your progress on Instagram (#DesignerDuo2019) and on the Facebook Group.

Sarah J Maxwell, Designs by Sarah J

Tiffany Hayes, Needle in a Hayes Stack

Elisabeth Hardy, Elisabew Quilts

Karen O'Connor, Lady K Quilts

Dolores Smith, Timworn Toolbox Designs

Giuseppe Ribaudo, aka Giucy Guice




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