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BLOCK SIX--Mix it up Quilt Along

Block 6 double GeeseBlock Six : Double Geese

Hope everyone is sewing away as we head into Fourth of July next week.  If you have a full weekend planned this upcoming week, you may want to get a jump start on Block Seven. 

Maybe, at least get it cut out.

This week's block is one of the "filler" blocks in our quilt along. You are making six in two color combinations, and you will have this whipped up in no time at all.

Do you want to know the secret to not loosing the point on your geese when sewing the pair together? When you pair your geese together, place them right sides together with the point seams on top. When you are stitching, sew a thread or two away from the point.

This photo is from a different project, but it illustrates the point I am making. (pun intended) See where the point is? When I stitch the seam I aim for one or two threads' width from the point of the triangle. If you stitch with the units flipped over, you are basically stitching "blind" because you cannot see where the seamline needs to be. By the way, I don't worry if my seam is exactly 1/4". For me, good points are important and I an happy to fudge a little bit in order to get them.

IMG 0571

Here's where we are right now once we add the Double Geese blocks. It's starrting to really take shape!

Don't forget to check in with everyone else:

Happy sewing and PLEASE be sure to stop in and see everyone else's blocks. And share your progress on Instagram (#DesignerDuo2019) and on the Facebook Group.

Sarah J Maxwell, Designs by Sarah J

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Elisabeth Hardy, Elisabew Quilts

Karen O'Connor, Lady K Quilts

Dolores Smith, Timworn Toolbox Designs

Giuseppe Ribaudo, aka Giucy Guice

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