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BLOCK TWO--Mix It Up Quilt Along

It's time for Block Two--Inbound!

This block is a good illustration of what happens when you take one block element and turn it around. If you look closely, you may notice that Block Two-Inbound is quite similar to Block One-Outbound. For this second block, I took the Flying Geese that were on the diagonal and turned them so they are flying in toward the block center.

Here are blocks one and two in greyscale so you can see what I am talking about.

Block Two Greyscale

Block Two Greyscale


This time you need to make a total of three 18" finished blocks. If you are making my version, this is what Block Two-Inbound looks like once it is pieced together.

Block Two

You may have toiced that I used a white and a lime directional text print. In some areas I was careful to make sure the text was facing the same way, and in other places I just let it fall whichever way it wanted to. I have met quilters who detest directional prints and refuse to use them. I used to worry about them more than I do now because I subscribe to the 4-foot rule: "If it looks okay from four feet away, then I can live with it." That being said, it is good to know how to handle a directional print when you have to.  Here's how to manage them in Stitch-and-flip Flying Geese.

Here are my Flying Geese patches arranged for assembly. You can do a trial run by folding along the drawn line and doing a visual check to make sure all the text is going to face the correct direction. Or, just remember that the top of the print on your squares should be positioned so it faces toward the inside of the rectangle, as shown below.

B 2 directional

Once those squares are stitched onto the rectangle and flipped so their right sides are showing, they look like this.


B2 2

That's not so hard, is it?

All the cutting measurements and fabric requirements can be found in the MIX IT UP Pattern Booklet, which you can purchase from Homestead Hearth, Fabric Essentials, Hancock's of Paducah, or from me. You can also purchase fabric kits from these folks too.

Happy sewing and PLEASE be sure to stop in and see everyone else's blocks. And share your progress on Instagram (#DesignerDuo2019) and on the Facebook Group.

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