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Designer Duo QAL 2018 Block Two

How did Block One assembly go for everyone? I would love to get some feedback from those who are making both my and Sarah's version because they are not exactly the same.  All constructive comments/suggestions are appreciated since I am always striving to improve my pattern writing skills.

By the way, I think I/we neglected to mention how we plan to handle give-aways. Here's the deal. There will be a give-away EVERY week for the run of the quilt-along, and then a big give-away a month after the QAL has wrapped. For the weekly give-aways Sarah and I will be trading off with her doing the odd numbered blocks, me doing the even.  For the big-giveaway we will combine forces.

"How do I enter?" you may be asking. Simply post a picture of your completed block(s) each week prior to the Friday blog posts.

"Where do I post my picture?" Post to the Facebook Group Designer Duo page or to Instagram using #DesignerDuoQAL. 


Block Two--a word or two on using directional fabric. Quite often, I just through caution to the wind and let directional fabric just go in the direction it wants to. Other times, I want directional fabric to go a particular way. In my Seaglass version of the quilt, the Blue Messages fabric is oriented in a particular way as you can see in the photo below.

QAL B2The rectangles for the flying geese don't pose a problem if you cut them according to the instructions. But the half-square triangles need to be sewn a certain way if you want the text oriented in a particular direction. Good news! The Designer Duo 2018: Kaleidoscope pattern has an entire page with tips on working with directional fabric. It is page S-20, right in the middle of the book. DD Kaleidoscope Nancy Front

I worked up this handy-dandy page when I was sewing my El Camino Real BOM quilt a few years ago. There were several stripes in that fabric collection and they needed to be oriented just so.  Here's a photo of one of the blocks from that quilt, so you can see what I am talking about. The pink stripe fabric looks quite orderly all lined up in the same direction.


If you tend to avoid stripes, after you make this block (and a few others), your stripe using confidence will be two thumbs up! Stripes and directional fabrics add a lot of interest and if you passed on those fabrics before, hopefully you won't anymore.

Block Two--that's a wrap! See you next week . . .







Designer Duo QAL Block Three
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