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Designer Duo Block Seven

Block 7

Block Seven--the magical workhorse of our Designer Duo Kaliedoscope quilt. I doesn't really look like much, but when you alternate it with the other blocks, circles appear. Can you see them? Mind you, there is NO curved piecing in this quilt.

Nancy Quilt with Lines

The real key is this unit here. Whether you color the triangle or the spikes on either side of it, it will create the illusion of curves.


Here's a "What If." What if we reversed the placement of the two fabrics in this block? Would we still get curves? And what would the quilt look like? Thanks to the folks at Electric Quilt, we can do that without too much work.

Nancy Quilt with Reversed Alternate Block

And here's the quilt with the spikes in darker fabrics and the center squares in the shimmer and light shards fabrics. Isn't it amazing how simple changes can really change up the look of a quilt? Dang--now I'm getting ideas for other quilts!

another look



I've used that triangle unit before in this pattern called Ring of Stars.  Here is my original version that I made in reproduction red and beiges.Ring of stars Flat copyNow let's try another "What if." What if we recolor it with brights and more than one ground?. Here is Ring of Stars in fabrics from my Getting to Know Hue collection. Wow! Doesn't even look like the same quilt, does it? Trust me it is. This makes me want to drop everything and start playing with this design. Fun!


So that's it for Block Seven.  There's a lot of sewing on this one since thirteen blocks are needed. If it takes you a few weeks, no worries. Enjoy the process. In our next installment we'll be looking at quilt assembly. I've also received some questions about enlarging the quilt with borders. Time to put on my thinking cap!


























Designer Duo Finishing
Designer Duo QAL Block Six