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Designer Duo QAL Block Three

First off, let me share some of the Block Twos that have been posted to the Designer Duo Facebook Group.  Aren't they wonderful! I just love seeing all the different fabric choices!


ht="600" title="Sallie Holden's Block #2" align="center" class="easyblog-image-caption" src="/images/easyblog_articles/112/b2ap3_large_Sallie-Holden-Block-2.jpg" data-style="clear">

You can start anytime.  Several quilters have joined us this week and are probably trying to catch up.  If you join lat, don't make yourself crazy. Just get started, work at a pace that is comfortable for you, and enjoy the processs.  These blog posts will remain up indefinitely and the Facebook group will remain active because, believe it or not, Sarah and I are already planning the 2019 project.

Now, let's talk about BLOCK THREE.Block 3


 Specifially, this unit. There was a time when I was intimidated by this unit. Here is how I sew it.

First lay out your half square triangle (HST) and two cut triangles as shown. Flip the cut triangle over onto the HST, right sides together. Pin, if desired. Since it is easier to feed straight edges into your machine than points, sew in the direction of the arrow. Press seam toward the triangle.

Block 3 unit


 Now, I am going to rotate this image to show you the next step. Flip the sewn unit over onto the cut triangle, right sides together. Pin if desired. Sew in the direction of the arrow. Press seam toward the triangle. Don't fret if this seems counter intuitive. Having that sewn unit on the top as you sew allows you to see all the seam allowances  and keep them heading in the correct direction.

Block 3 unit2


Start sewing at the top and aim for the intersection at the bottom.

B3 D3


Use this same strategy when you add the background C triangle. Position the pieced unit on top of the C triangle, right sides together, and feed it through your machine with the C triangle on the bottom. You will be able to see all the seams and the seam intersection. Keep you stitching just a thread or two beyond the seam intersection. This way, you will not lose any points.

The image below (different block) shows this. See how you can see all the seam allowances and the seam interections.

IMG 0571

Block Three--that's a wrap! See you next week. And don't forget to post your photos of your block three so you are eligible to win the next give away.



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