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It's Pet Week for the Marcus Makers

This week the Marcus family of designers and sewistss will be sharing their pets.  So without further ado, meet our rescue dog Daisy. She is a fourteen year old Shepherd mix that we adopted when she was less than a year old. When she first arrived home with us, she was quite skittish and liked to curl up in little spaces under tables and behind chairs. We thought maybe she'd feel more secure if she had her own little space, so we bought her a crate.  She went right in and made herself comfy. To this day she still has that crate!


Daisy likes to ride in the car and seems to think she belongs in the passenger seat. Of course she has her own car quilt!


Best of all, Daisy loves to sew.  My line around the house is, "Daisy and I are off to sew!" If I am in my sewing room, so is she.  I step over her and she keeps me company and supervises. Here she is supervising a shapshot of my new Getting to Know Hue Block of the Month.D3

I often wonder if other quilters' pets love to hang out in their sewing rooms. Do yours? Do you have conversations with them like I have with my Daisy?  I would LOVE to see your assistants--share photos of your "studio pets" on Instagram with #quiltpets. Make sure to check out some of the other Marcus Makers and their pets and help me fill in the ?? 

BY THE WAY--there's still time to enter the giveaway for FQs and a pattern. Just read the blog enrty "a Red-trospective" and respond to the question.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Jenny Egg

Sarah J Maxwell and Nora

Laura Berringer and Brody

Judy Rothermel and ??

Dolores Smith and ??

Karen Styles and ??

Casey York and ??

Pam Buda and ??


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