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Little Baskets Quilt Up Close with Sound Effects

 OPL Fat Quarter Tower

Using a fat quarter bundle from my On Plumberry Lane collection to make all the little baskets for this quilt was a delight.  As is typical for me, I usually jump right in and make a few blocks. Then it's time to go back and do a lot of cutting. My plan at this point is to now chain sew--vroom, vroom, vroom! Fire up that sewing machine! Go to the ironing board--press, press, press! Back to the sewing machine-vroom, vroom, vroom! Press-clip-vroom-trim. Basket block in sections

IMG 1194


Ahhhhh . . .  design wall. Place, place, place, move, place, arghhh, you have no idea how long this goes on. Moving blocks...this one looks better here, but there are too many of that color in this area, shift, move, .... Then, finally I cannot take anymore of the minute changes and settle on a layout. I so ofter wonder--do other quilters agonize over block placement or is it just me? And just how much agonizing is healthy? 15 minutes, an hour, a day?  At what point is it unhealthily obsessive? an hour, a day, 3 days? Sheesh! Just finish figuring out where you want those blocks, would ya?

 Back to the sewing machine to sew together the rows. Piece the borders, give the entire top a good press, make the binding, and sew together the backing.

If all the stars are aligned, I get to the machine quilting within a week or two. Bind the beauty and then make up some kits for my customers.

 Little Baskets Detail1

Oh yeah, somewhere in there I photograph the quilt and upload it to my website. And cross my fingers that some sales come my way, so I can do this all over again with another creation!

Little Basket Kit 1


 litttle baskets beauty

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