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BLOCK SIX--Mix it up Quilt Along

Block Six : Double Geese Hope everyone is sewing away as we head into Fourth of July next week.  If you have a full weekend planned this upcoming week, you may want to get a jump start on Block Seven.  Maybe, at least get it cut out. This week's block is one of the "filler" blocks in our quilt along. You are making six in two color combinations, and you will have this whipped up in...

Block 6 double Geese
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BLOCK FIVE--Mix It Up Quilt Along

Can you believe we are already to BLOCK FIVE? This block finishes at 12" square, so it will be 12 1/2" from raw edge to raw edge once you get it sewn together PRIOR to sewing it into the quilt.  Also, you will be making three that are all the same. To fit in with the math theme of my Mix It Up quilt, the block is called THEOREM. The block may look complicated, but it's...

Block 5 Theorem
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BLOCK FOUR--Mix It Up Quilt Along

Here we are at Block Four: Times Table. This is an easy to make block, so if you are trying to catch up on blocks 1-3 this is a good time to do it. For my quilt, I made seven of these bocks. Three have the coral center shown above, and four have the gold center shown below. Have you noticed that I lay out all my block patches prior to and during assembly? This method...

Block 4 Times Tables
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BLOCK THREE--Mix It Up Quilt Along

Welcome to Block Three of our Quilt Along. This week each of us will be featuring the first of several 12" square blocks that we used in our version of the Mix It Up Quilt. Feel free to mix it up yourself as you create your Mix It Up quilt. My block this week is called "Just a Slice". Scroll down for some assembly diagrams and ideas. All the cutting measurements and fabric requirements for my...

Block 3 Just a Slice
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BLOCK TWO--Mix It Up Quilt Along

It's time for Block Two--Inbound! This block is a good illustration of what happens when you take one block element and turn it around. If you look closely, you may notice that Block Two-Inbound is quite similar to Block One-Outbound. For this second block, I took the Flying Geese that were on the diagonal and turned them so they are flying in toward the block center. Here are blocks one and two in greyscale so you...

Block Two Greyscale
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