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Tweet Friends Quilt Along Post #4: How to Make Skinny Legs


Technique: How to make the skinny bird legs in Block #4: Feathered Friends


1. Cut a double layer of freezer paper that is approximately 1" x 8".


2. Take a small chunk of fabric. I used a piece that was about 6" x 10".  Because the bird legs look like sticks, we can cut them on the straight of grain.  When I want narrow stems that will curve, I use this same technique, but cut on the bias.  Press the freezer paper strip shiny side down to the wrong side of the fabric. Leave approximately a 1/4" seam allowance. Starch the seam allowance and press it over the freezer paper.  Let cool.


3. Peel off the freezer paper and cut the strip so that it is 1/2" wide from the fold to the cut edge.


4. Reposition the freezer paper, aligning its edge with the raw edge of the folded over seam allowance. Press to the fabric.  Paint the seam allowance with starch and press it over the freezer paper. Allow to cool, but DO NOT remove the freezer paper yet.



 5. Trim the seam allowance to approximately 1/8" wide. Now, remove the freezer paper.


6. Here is a skinny strip ready to be cut into skinny leg pieces.



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