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Welcome to the Designer Duo 2018 Quilt Along!

Today kicks off the Designer Duo 2018 Quilt Along. Who is the duo? It's me, Nancy Rink, and fellow Studio 37 designer Sarah J. Maxwell of Designs by Sarah J.

I live in central California and Sarah lives in Missouri but despite the miles between us, we have forged a friendship and share a love of all things quilting. Sarah's a super-talented designer I admired long before I met her. For years, it seemed like every quilt magazine I picked up had a quilt project in it that was designed by Sarah. When I met her at Quilt Market one year, I was a bit intimidated, but once we got to chatting we just clicked.  There are so many things we have in common!

But we have our differences, too.  Some of those have to do with sewing as you'll see during this quilt along.  It will be fun to see how each of us--along with our guest designers Tiffany Hayes of Needle in a Hayestack and Karen O'Connor of Lady K Quilts--undertake the sewing of the quilt Sarah and I designed.

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I hope you visit all of us over the next eight weeks to see our individual tips and tricks and just learn a little bit more about us. And to win some PRIZES!

Also, please share your photos of your completed blocks on any of our INSTAGRAM feeds or on the Designer Duo FACEBOOK group to be eligible for even MORE PRIZES!

So, let's get started. For my version of the quilt I used fabrics from my new fabric collection, Seaglass.

sea glass fatqtrs


Block One looks like this. The units consist primarily of Flying Geese and Half-Square Triangles.

First things first, though. I don't prewash, but I do like to starch the heck out of my fabric prior to doing any cutting. Best Press is the starch product I prefer. So, starch, press, and cut as per the instructions in the pattern booklet. (can be ordered at Fabric Essentials, Homestead Hearth, or Needle in a Hayes Stack.)

Block 1


So, let me show you how I prefer to construct my Flying-Geese. Start with one rectangle and two background squares (only one square is shown here). Using a Frixion Heat Erase pen, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of the background squares. Next, sew on the line starting at the end where the pen is pointing.

IMG 0555


Now trim, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

IMG 0562


Flip the background fabric so the right side is showing, seam allowance toward the background fabric. Position the other background square making sure to get all the edges aligned with the rectangle. Pin or clip to hold in place if desired. Stitch on the drawn line, starting at the top as you did before.

IMG 0563

Trim . . .

IMG 0565


Flip and Press. Check measurement against those listed in instructions. Sliver trim if necessary.

IMG 0565


And, finally, a note about seam allowances and making them work for you. Sometimes for construction purposes the seam allowances won't naturally lay in the direction we need them to. This is when you use what I call the "clip & twist". Using sharp cut-to-the-point scissors, clip the seam allowances almost to the stitching. Twist the part of the seam in the opposite direction that needs to go in the opposite direction so that it nests with neighboring seams.

IMG 0572

 Designer Duo 2018, Block One--that's a wrap! See you here next week. Don't forget to post your block photos so you can win PRIZES!







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