It has come to my attention, that because of the way the Old Sturbridge Village Stripe 3152-0114 is printed that there is not enough yardage to complete the quilt as specified in the instruction booklet. Here are two fixes:

1. Purchase an additional 1 5/8 yards of the Old Sturbridge Village Stripe 3152-0114 to be used specifically for the green stripe 4 ¼" x 54" borders. The 3 yards currently listed in the instructions will be dedicated to the outer border.

2. To use ONLY THE 3 YARDS of Old Sturbridge Village Stripe 3152-0114:
  • Cut the Green Stripe 4 ¼"-wide as directed. Use the Green Stripes nearest each selvedge.
  • From the remaining yardage, fussy cut the Red Stripes 4 ¼"-wide instead of the 7 ¼"-wide specified in the instructions. Please note, this will result in a finished quilt that is 92¼" x 92¼".